A Shared Love

Pickleball is our Passion.

We share a love of pickleball that brings us together with a desire to share the game with others. While each of us may have a different reason for enjoying the game, we cannot deny the benefits we have found that come from learning and playing it.

  • Provides great exercise while not as rigorous as other sports
  • Presents opportunities to meet many new people from different walks of life.
  • It’s just great fun!
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Billy McKinney Bio Pic

Billy McKinney

Billy grew up in Waxhaw, North Carolina and graduated from Parkwood High School in 1990 where he played basketball and won MVP. He served in the Army National Guard for 8 years. He had the good fortune to marry his wife of now 30 years, Cheryl. They have 3 children, Briante, Kehahvion, and Brevon and 1 grandchild, Zhane. At the age of 22, Billy taught himself how to play tennis and played on many USTA leagues and teams. In 2004 he became a Professional Tennis Instructor, and in 2007 started Absolute Tennis in Fort Mill. In 2012, Billy led Nation Ford High School to an Upper State SC Tennis Championship and received Coach of The Year Honors.

Three years ago, while shooting basketball in a gym in Lancaster, SC, Ralph Ricketson invited Billy to learn to play pickleball. With his athleticism and tennis background, he picked the game up quickly. In 2021 he received his certification to teach pickleball. For the past 10 years, he has also been the Pastor at Prosperous Revival Temple of Lancaster.

His son, Brevon, graduated from Buford HS in Lancaster where he was Player of the Year and All State in tennis. During Covid, Billy started teaching the family to play pickleball on the basketball court. “Brevon and I would go outside and drill for hours. We played one small tournament together and won gold. He was as excited as I  was that we could play a competitive sport together. I have the most fun playing with him as a father. I feel as if I have already won, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty good as well. Seeing him laugh constantly and having a blast makes pickleball even more special.” Brevon and Billy are currently teaching tennis at Absolute Tennis, a facility with 6 tennis courts and 8 pickleball courts, where Brevon is the assistant tennis pro. 

Billy has been playing Senior Pro pickleball for about 1-1/2 years. “Recently played my 1st senior pro mixed with Blake McMurray, and we went 2-2 losing to the gold and bronze medalists. Teaming up with Blake was even more special: to play with my student, partner and most important a friend. One year ago she was a 3.5 player and has worked extremely hard to elevate her game.”

Brevon and Billy enhance their pickleball skills by practicing at home and playing in various venues in the area. Billy’s favorite quote is: “Hard work beats Talent, when Talent does not work hard”

More About Kalee Muller Denny

Kalee made the transition from tennis to pickleball in 2020, and hasn’t looked back. She competes and has podium finishes at the 5.0 level, most recently taking home a 5.0 singles gold medal at Hilton Head PPA.

Kalee is an IPTPA certified pickleball coach and has been providing lessons and clinics at facilities in the Charlotte, NC area. Her philosophy is practice makes permanent, not perfect. It’s essential when drilling or working on skills to make sure you’re implementing the proper technique, to avoid building muscle memory of bad habits. Her goal is to help elevate your game with simplicity and strategy. After-all, pickleball is a game of chess, not checkers.

Kalee Muller Denny

Kim Kurani

More About Kim Kurani

Kim Kurani was a 5.0 tennis player and finished second and third in USTA nationals. Kim began playing pickleball in the driveway of a friend during Covid when tennis courts were shut down. She was hooked and eventually gave up tennis to focus solely on pickleball.

Kim was a 5.0 tennis player and finished second and third in USTA nationals. She is now a senior pro pickleball player who has won numerous medals. She is a true student of the game and loves to teach proper technique and strategy. Kim is a certified level 2 IPTPA instructor.

Off the court, Kim enjoys spending time with family and friends, singing in her church choir and playing the piano.

More About JD Ross

JD Ross started playing pickleball over 5 years ago when asked to play in a pickleball tournament at a company event. He quickly developed a love for the game and understood its impact on people’s lives. 

JD now plays in senior pro events and has helped develop MPI. He brings a lifetime of experience in sports (tennis and soccer at the college level). He sees great value in using videos, data, and drilling to help people make improvements in the great game of pickleball. 

When he is not on the road growing the business or playing tournaments, JD lives in Fort Mill, SC, with his wife Robin and son Lawson and daughter Harper.

For more information about JD, Check out Circle of the Panda

JD Ross